Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At Life in Christ Church, we believe the most important function of missions is to teach people about Jesus Christ and His great commandment to love God and to love others. We support missions both local and abroad with the goal that people from all walks of life will experience God's mercy and be able to fulfill His calling in their own lives.

Senior Food Handup Ministry

We believe in giving senior citizens that cannot work full time a hand up...not a handout. Our senior food handup ministry helps area senior citizens on social security or who may have financial difficulties within the month due to a fixed income or increased medical or prescription deductibles. Seniors needing help should call the church office to be placed on the list for pickup. We distribute a few grocery and paper good items to one person per household once a month to help meet the needs of the entire household.

H.O.P.E. Clinic

The HOPE Clinic offers free services for women who may need help navigating an unplanned pregnancy, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, or other similar situations.

Life Impact International

We will do whatever it takes to save exploited and at-risk children. Our strategy is simple: Prevent, Rescue, and Heal. We fight to “Prevent” the atrocities of exploitation in all its forms from trafficking, abuse, and abandonment, to slavery and prostitution. We fight to “Rescue” as many children as possible. And we fight to bring “Healing” and restoration to broken hearts, bodies, and minds.

Life Ansanm

We exist to create a holistic partnership with the community of Cap Rouge, Haiti and together create sustainable models that would grow followers of Christ, provide quality education for children, create jobs and care for families in the community. We believe that together our minds, resources, efforts, and passion can create opportunities that will be sustainable for the needs of the community and will work to empower the people to rise above injustice.

Foundations for Hope

We believe by following the model of Jesus, we can advance the Gospel by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those we seek to serve. Once we have met the physical, we will invest in each individual through the teaching of God’s Word, discipleship, and the community found within the local church. We will provide workers for the harvest by training biblically educated pastors with a holistic approach to ministry and leadership.

Alabaster Ministries

Reaching out to the destitute in Southern Malawi. Our mission is to help those who need it. It is our belief that we should train the locals to one day be able to totally run every aspect of the ministry in their nation and train the next generation to one day take over, while we support and give advice where needed. 

Questions about our missions?

We'd love to help you get involved. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.